HP series vacuum autoclave is B grade(EN13060) small-size sterilization device,with vacuum pump inside.Using high temperature and pressure for the sterilization of multi-aperture instruments and apparatus.It is mainly intended for dental, operating room,ophthalmology,gynaecology instruments,etc.

Motive pentru a alege autoclava Hepo:

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Clasa B (EN136060)

Design ultramodern, materiale de maxima calitate, siguranta garantata

Garantie 24 de luni, service post garantie si echipament la schimb daca se afla in service.

Sterilized Target: Various of apparatus and dressings.
Sterilized program:Exposed,Packed,Cotton-padded,Plastic
Sterilized Effect:Perish all the microorganism
Dry program: High effective drying progress
Heating Methods:Using the newest steam heat booster technology
Security measurement: 1,fault self-checking.2, Auto-protection of high temperature and high Pressure.3,Dual electronic lock.4,Safety valve.

Avantaje principale:
 1,Economica, nu ocupa mult spatiu oferind in schimb capacitate mare de autoclavare.
 2,Control complet automatizat al procesului de sterlizare, vacuum pulsatil.

3.Sterlizare la presiuni inalte controlate de microprocesor cu preincalzire in mediu vidat, urmate de uscare si racire
 The high pressure Autoclave adopt the microcomputer processor, pre-heat,vacuum,sterilization,dry,cooling. The whole course trend showing. and it have lack and full water humanity operate point.
 It possess the function of evacuate for three times, the sterilization effect is the most thorough.
 3,Sterilizer Completely
 It has 3 times pre-vacuum and 1 time after vacuum.Polluted and clean water functions are separated.
 4,Sterilization method classify clearly and definitely
 Four sterilizer procedures by micro control set freely according to different sterilization products:exposed apparatus、wrapped apparatus、cotton-padded and plastic product
 5,The process of sterilization do not exhaust the steam. greens environmental protection
 Water purifying tank separate with the drain tank,exhaust and drain contamination enter into the drain tank. During the sterilization process, no drain gas get into the room, avoid the atmospheric pollution, prevent the operator scald.
 6,Various Security protect functions to ensure the operation safety
 fault self-checking, auto-protection of high temperature and high Pressure. Dual electronic lock. safety valve standby exhaust, the whole organic and draw sterilizing room,after the precised oxidization, enhance the gloss and fastening; The program set up the cooling after the sterilization, protect the safety of the operator!
 7,It has a durable plastic shell and stainless steel chamber and is manufactured with fine workmanship.

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Autoclava Hepo

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